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PLR's Corporate Plan sets out its strategic programme for 2013-15. At the heart of the Plan lies a set of core objectives aimed at meeting PLR's statutory functions as set out in the PLR Act (1979) and Scheme (1982). PLR office's Core Objectives are as follows:

Core objectives 2013/2014

  1. Meet the requirements of the CSR10 settlement including the revised 2013-14 target (£741,000) for administration expenditure thereby maximising funds available to authors (current estimate £6.166 million).
  2. Manage PLR’s service to authors to meet Scheme requirements, ensuring in particular that all applications for registration received by the closing date are completed by 31 August 2013; and aiming through PLR’s marketing strategy to ensure that authors from all backgrounds are aware of their PLR opportunity.
  3. Manage PLR’s loans data collection system to meet Scheme requirements, in particular the replacement of a required minimum of 7 new authorities in the sample on 1 July 2013 and completion of data collection for 2012-13 in time for October 2013 payment calculations.
  4. Undertake payment calculation and distribution to meet target dates, principally completion of payments within the UK and overseas by 28 February 2014.
  5. Achieve annual audit approval for the robustness of PLR’s control procedures.

Developments in support of core objectives 2013/2014:

  1. Following the government  decision to transfer responsibility for PLR to the BL, work with DCMS and the BL to (a) develop a strategic plan to facilitate the transfer of responsibility  and (b) implement the transfer by 1 October 2013. The plan should identify and make provision for changes to the existing PLR operation in key areas such as service to authors, HR and staff issues, office accommodation, legal and governance issues and IT..
  2. Complete integration of Irish PLR system (including provision of fully integrated online registration service for all authors) and migration of IT systems from OpenROAD to .NET version.
  3. Perform accommodation review taking into account PLR’s future requirements at the end of the current lease at Richard House and incorporating future accommodation needs following proposed changes to governance.
  4. Should the DCMS review of public library elending services (due to report in early April 2013) recommend implementation of the Digital Economy Act’s provisions for extending PLR to cover audio and ebook loans, work with DCMS to make the necessary changes to the Scheme. 

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