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Through our website we aim to provide published authors with an easy route to register for UK and Irish PLR which is a legal right to payment from government in both countries each time their books are borrowed from public libraries.

UK PLR is now the responsibility of the British Library. However, the existing team in Stockton-on-Tees joined the British Library and continues to administer PLR.

Our website also provides further details of the work we do and through our Media Centre gives a unique insight into UK book borrowing tastes from the data collected from libraries across the country.



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Registration reminder for UK and Irish PLR schemes

Online applications must be submitted by midnight on Thursday 30 June 2016 to be included in the year end calculations. Postal applications must also be received by no later than Thursday 30 June 2016....(more)

Advisory Committee for Public Lending Right - New member

We are pleased to announce that Nick Yapp has been appointed to the British Library Advisory Committee for Public Lending Right...(more)


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