plr objectives

PLR has a set of core objectives aimed at meeting its statutory functions as set out in the PLR Act (1979) and Scheme (1982). Since October 2013 PLR has been the responsibility of the British Library Board and the following PLR objectives form part of the Library’s wider plans:

  • Complete PLR's annual author payment calculation and distribution cycle by 28 February 2016 and keep 2015-16 running costs below the £741,000 cap set by DCMS.
  • Implement the extension of PLR to loans of audio-books and on-site downloads of ebooks for the PLR year 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015, for the February 2016 payments.
  • Manage PLR's operational areas of loans data collection, services to authors, management of the fund and advocacy of the scheme, to meet audit and scheme requirements.

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