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From 1 April 2012 you can submit posthumous applications for both the UK and Irish PLR schemes through the UK PLR office.


First applications to be registered for PLR may not be made by the estate of a deceased author. However, if the deceased had registered books for PLR during their lifetime, under certain circumstances, additional books may be registered by the executor (or the new owner if the PLR rights have been assigned).

Once you have been formally registered as an assignee you will receive a printout listing all the books in which you hold PLR interests (refer to Assigning PLR for further details). If a book is missing from the list, or if a new title or edition of a book has been published since the original registered owner’s death, it may be eligible for posthumous registration.

Posthumous applications to register new titles can only be accepted if the book was published within one year before, or up to ten years after the date of the original registered owner’s death.

New editions of existing registered titles can be added at any time during the life of PLR (up to seventy years after the date of the original registered owner’s death)

Submitting Your Posthumous Application

You must register separately each book and each new edition where it has a different ISBN. However, once an ISBN has been registered you need not apply for it again. Applications to register for PLR must be made on an official Application for Posthumous Registration form.

If this is your first application for posthumous registration, the personal representative and the newowner must jointly complete the appropriate sections of the First Application for Posthumous Registration form.  The certificate section of the form must be completed by an independent witness who knew the original registered owner for at least two years before their death

Providing that a First Application for Posthumous Registration has been processed, any subsequent applications for posthumous registration may be made by the new owner of the PLR on a Subsequent Application for Posthumous Registration form.  It is not necessary for the personal representative to complete the form, and the certificate section is not required on subsequent forms. Full details regarding posthumous registration can be found in our Information Leaflet - UK and Irish Assignment and Posthumous Registration.

Before submitting your application, please check that:


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