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renouncing plr

From 1 April 2012 you can renounce titles registered for both the UK and Irish PLR schemes through the UK PLR office.


What does it mean to renounce my PLR rights?

If you renounce your PLR rights you are requesting to remove the specified titles from the register.  This means that you no longer receive any loans information or payments on the renounced books.

How do I renounce my PLR rights?

You may renounce some or all of your registered titles for either the UK or Irish PLR scheme(s).  In order to renounce you should complete an Application to Renounce Registered Interests form.

Why do people renounce their PLR rights?

People usually renounce their rights when their registered titles are no longer recording any borrowings. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the UK PLR scheme operates a sample of authorities which is rotated each year. Writers of local interest books for example, may experience fluctuation ┬áin borrowings depending on the libraries which are included in the sample.  Further details regarding the sample can be found in the Sample library lists section.

Can I register for PLR again?

Renouncing your PLR rights does not affect any future applications to register for PLR.  You may therefore apply to register for PLR again should you have any books published after you have renounced your rights.

Can I re-register books which I have renounced?

You may apply to re-register books which you have renounced by submitting an application. Please refer to How do I apply? for details.

Can I renounce books that have been assigned to me?

You may renounce books which have been assigned to you (ie the rights have been transferred to you on the death of the original registered owner, or assigned as a gift).   In order to renounce you should complete an Application to Renounce Registered Interests form.


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